1. Rezoning of Properties Within the Outer West Scheme
  2. To Extend the Outer West Scheme
  3. Real Estate agents Pointer Boards
  4. Application for Estate Agents Advertising
  5. Archive Record Proposed Policy
  6. Berea North Proposed Land Use Intentions
  7. Berea South Proposed Land Use Intentions
  8. Bluff Slopes - Special Bylaws
  9. Coastal Tourism and Market Segmentation Study
  10. KZN Planning and Development Act 2008
  11. Mount Moreland Inkonjane Zoning
  12. Newspaper Advertisement Form for the Inner West Operational Entity
  13. Policy: Naming and Renaming of Streets
  14. Presentation of Situational Analysis, Conceptual Approach and Conceptual Land Use Management Plan Proposals
  15. Proposed Amendment Of Durban Town Planning Schem
  16. Development Applications & Approvals Fee Structure 2019/20 (15% VAT)​
  17. Development Planning 2019/2020 Tariffs
  18. Building Inspectorate 2019/2020 Tariffs
  19. Everything you want to know about getting a copy of YOUR Building Plan​
  20. Current APPROVED Land Use Schemes 
​​​​​​    23.  Preparation and Adoption of Land Use Management Scheme for the eThekwini Municipal   area​ NEW ​​​​   24.  Land Use Scheme Review 2019/2020....NEW